Welcome Family & Friends to

Maria Hanan Smith’s

Virtual Graduation Celebration!

Thanks to my Mom

You’re always there for me when I need you. My heart is full because I’m grateful that you put this together for me.

Excited about my FUTURE!

A new chapter is starting in my amazing book of life. High School was fun, the next step will be epic!

High School History

What I’ll miss most about High School

My friends made high school an experience to remember. Hanging out with Michelle, Maria and Nadia in the halls was legendary. When we went to Six Flags I thought I would never stop laughing!! Late night runs to Burger King for milkshakes and fries was so wild….memories that I will cherish forever.

Science Class was the best

Gym was the absolute worst

Lunch always seamed to get roudy

Playing soccer was what I looked forward to each week


I was a striker on the soccer team. We went 11-3 for the season. I’m so proud to be a Jayhawk!!

Favorite Music

I am a die hard Cardi-B fan. Her music help me make it through this year. Okkkuuuurrr!@#

I love to write

One of my hidden talents is poetry. I keep my work in my private notebook…maybe one day I’ll share it with the world.

Instagram Fanatic

Sharing with my friends is a special pastime for me. If you catch my stories, you’ll know whassup @mariahanon

About Me

Here are my highschool stats
GPA: 3.5
Career Path: Nurse
Favorite Subject: History
Extra Curriculars:
Future leaders of America, Honor Society, Sewing Club, Writing, Reading Novels, Doodling & Concerts
Sports: Soccer
Advice to my future self: Don’t sweat the small stuff. Life is too short to be hung up on the opinions of those who are not in your trusted circle

I love graduation goodies!

Thanks in advance for your gift!

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Custom Flyer


You made high school fun!

I’m so glad we are friends, you helped me so much. I’m going to miss your laugh!

Shanda Lopez

Your future is so bright

I know you will do BIG things as you go to your next step! Best of LUCK!

Jennifer Jones

I love you Marleah

All the best wishes for your future!

Mike Smith

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My plans after graduation

Gifts are welcomed and appreciated, THANKS!

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My next step after high school and a much needed summer break is to enroll in Rowan University. I'm EXTRA excited about College!!!

I will be studying Nursing with a minor in Creative Writing.

I really want to be a nurse because I know it will be fulfilling to help those who really need assistance. When you help a sick person to smile, there is no greater feeling out there. I know it is hard work but it is definitely worth it.