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How does it work?

Cost: $0. Benefit: 15% Commission.

It’s that simple. We provide a specific coupon code offering $20 off the cost of our Virtual Graduation Celebration site to you. You can then promote it on your website and social media. Each successful referral nets you 15% commission.

Simple for your referrals

We will display your logo on our home page. It will link to your specific partner page with more information about the program and the referral link. It’s the perfect way to promote your company and ours together. Once your referral follows the link and signs up, you’re on your way to earning.

We help you promote

We will provide 3 images to help you spread the word:

  1. Facebook cover image you can put on your facebook page. It will display your company logo and ours with the coupon code.
  2. You’ll also get a square flyer which is perfect for your instagram, twitter, linkedin or any other social platform. 
  3. Web banner to put on your website in standard 728 x 90 format 

GradFan Referral Partners

If you are affiliated with any of our Referral Partners, click their logo below to get $20 OFF your GradFan Page

Why partner with GradFan?

Raise money for your company/organization

You’ll get 15% commission and your logo on the Virtual Graduation Celebration site & flyer for each referral.

Celebrate the graduates in your circle

They deserve a chance to feel special and to commemorate their accomplishment

Get new potential business / supporters

Reach every visitor to our website. This campaign is easily shared by the members of your company/organization and their family/friends.